Walking Through Color art print
Walking Through Color

Protea Trio art print

Protea Trio

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Karen Lafferty

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Pin Oak Leaves art print
Pin Oak Leaves

Atascadero Snow

palm-lined path art print
Palm-Lined Path

rose art print
A Maui Rose

Frosted Leaves
Frosted Leaves


Highway 36, #1
Highway 36, #1

flowering plum leaves art print
Flowering Pear Leaves

Red Ti leaves art print
Red Ti

Macaw art print

urchin art print
Pencil Urchin

peregrine falcon art print
Peale's Peregrine Falcon

Gardenias art print

orchid art print
Maui Orchid

haleakala art print
Haleakala Crater

Sea Turtle art print
Sea Turtle

Three Hibiscus art print
Three Hibiscus

Belladonna art print

Rainbow Eucalyptus Solo art print
Rainbow Eucalyptus Solo

Pineapples art print

sego palm art print
Sego Palm

ficus art print
Wild Ficus

Koi art print

Three Plumeria art print
Three Plumeria

Yellow Hibiscus art print
Yellow Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus art print
Red Hibiscus

calla lilly art print
Calla Lilly

Schooling Koi art print
Schooling Koi

Rainbow Eucalyptus art print
Rainbow Eucalyptus

Bamboo art print

clownfish art print

mauiactive art print

double King proteas art print
King Protea

Pink Hibiscus art print
Pink Hibiscus

Jackson's Chameleonart print
Jackson's Chameleon

Judy's Bromeliad art print
Judy's Bromeliad

hibiscus art print
Wild Orchids

Purple Daylillies art print
Purple Daylillies

anthuriums art print

Two Owls art print
Two Young Owls

Hula Circle art print
The Hula Circle

hana mushrooms art print
Hana Mushrooms

Maui Rain art print
Maui Rain

Water Tower art print
The Old Water Tower

poppies art printMaui

pincushion proteas art print Maui
Double Pincushion Protea

jacarandas art print Maui
Kula Jacarandas

Adelaida barn art print
Adelaide Barn

Tedeschi Vineyard art print Maui
Tedeschi Vineyard

Old Jailhouse art print Maui
Old Tasting Room

Old Shack art print
Old Abandoned Shack

anemone art print

daylillies art print

plumeria art print
Yellow Plumeria

art printHaleakala Ranch
Haleakala Ranch House

Barn Owl art print
Barn Owl

Five Owlets art print
Five Owlets

A brief biography of the artist

Karen Lafferty first fell in love with color as a 4-year old girl in Central California, while lying on her back in a pasture on the family farm. She can still describe how the colors of grass, sky and cloud awoke in her an interest in art that has grown stronger over the years. She won her first contest at the age of ten, even though the judges hung her painting upside down - an event which encouraged her to paint by her own rules and standards.

A professional artist, photographer, vocalist and musician for 40 years, Karen now favors watercolor as her medium of creative expression. In her own words - "I find that my artwork can become very tedious because of my tendency to be a perfectionist. The years spent living on Maui helped to free me from that restriction..."

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20334 Hwy 36
Blachly,  OR  97412

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